Anatolia’s flying carpets and the Turkish ancient traditions

If there is one more thing that should be known about Turkey, beside its impressive history and tasty cuisine, is that here you can find some of the most beautiful carpets in the world, with vibrant colours, designs and great quality. Turkish carpets have always played a major role inside country’s culture and lifestyle. In fact, some sources claim that the carpet was firstly introduced inside Middle East and Islamic world by the Turks, who were very familiar with weaving and fabric materials, as they were living inside the regions dominating the Silk Road. Carpets and rugs were needed by the humanity since Ancient times and was historically proven that they were woven by Turks, for the first time, who were using raw materials such as the sheep fleece, to get these beautiful pieces of art. The fact that Turks were the first carpet weavers was discovered in 1948, and the “Pazyryk Carpet” (Pazırık Carpet in Turkish) became famous as the world’s first known carpet. The one who found this carpet was Russian Archaeologist Sergei Rudenko in 1948, and according to his research the masterpiece dates back to the 5th century BC. The Pazyryk Carpet has been proven to belong to the Central Asian Turks and then it was decided to be introduced to everyone in Russia, since 1950, inside the Petersburg Hermitage Museum.

The passion and tradition for beautiful rugs is still there!

Welcome to Anatolia, the land of beauty! Nowadays, Turkish people still have the love for beautiful rugs and they are willing to share with everybody who wants to purchase handmade kilims and carpets, no matter where their location is. One of them is Ahmet Peçen, a small businessman from Malatya, who says that inside his family, creating beautiful carpets is a tradition. „My mother used to be a rugs weaver since she was 15 years old. She was very talented!” Nowadays because of Coronavirus pandemic, life became more difficult for people trying to sale carpets, even if in Anatolya you still can find the best examples of vibrant rugs with oriental motifs. Ahmed Peçen is trying to sell his beautiful kilims, most of the time, online, as he cannot afford the traditional way of displaying them in bazaar, like most of regional businessmen are used to do. The good news is that Western clients are still interested in purchasing carpets, so the demand for kilims still exists inside Europe and not only there. Here you have some beautiful examples of what you can find at his virtual shop, carpets that can bring the beauty of Middle East inside your home.

For orders check the following link.

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