Shall we visit Syria in 2022?

Is it Syria a safe place to be visited in 2022? According to travelling sites, these Government-controlled territories which practically means all Western Syria, including famous destinations such as Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Krak de Chevaliers, and all the region near Mediterranean coast and beautiful Palmyra are considered safe to visit these days for all Middle East lovers in the search of culture and beautiful experiences to share. At this point media sources report that we can safely call Damascus a balanced and still vibrant capital, in terms of daily life, just like any other big city across Middle East.

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Arabica...taste of Orient

They call me Sheherezad because I'm crazy in love with Middle East and I write about its beautiful people, culture and traditions, since so many years! But at the end I'm not a story character, I'm just a Romanian girl, a writer and blogger, who has the chance to live in the beautiful city of Cairo and to visit some other charming destinations from the region, as well. Welcome to my blog, welcome to the world of Middle Eastern tales!

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