Cities of Persian tales: Bukhara and Samarkand

There are so many Persian culture lovers around the world that there is no wonder why even in times of pandemic people are trying to find ways to travel in the search of history. Persian culture’s map doesn’t stop at today’s Iran borders and the best proof of it are ones of the most beautiful Central Asian cities which keep nowadays the Persian architecture in their structure: Bukhara and Samarkand. Welcome to vibrant and ancient Uzbekistan! Even if the historical sources mention how these cities have been long last to initially the Russian Empire and the now independent republics, here locals still speak Persian and inside their hearts, many of the inhabitants still feel attached to Persian culture, wearing typical folk costumes, cooking the Persian way and celebrating festivals according to Persian calendar (Nowruz- Spring festival). Their traditions are full of joy and hospitality, their homes beautifully decorated with handmade „suzani” and colourful rugs, their tea is always ready for unexpected guests and their food blessed with oriental flavours. That’s why once you read about Persia you must come and see with your eyes the beauty of these lands.

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They call me Sheherezad because I'm crazy in love with Middle East and I write about its beautiful people, culture and traditions, since so many years! But at the end I'm not a story character, I'm just a Romanian girl, a writer and blogger, who has the chance to live in the beautiful city of Cairo and to visit some other charming destinations from the region, as well. Welcome to my blog, welcome to the world of Middle Eastern tales!

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