The Palestinian women can do it!

Palestinian contemporary art

Women love Palestine and they serve Palestine. They educate children, work in hospitals, cook community meals and keep the traditional embroidery alive. All that with their hands and voice. Women may be the solution for Palestine and sometimes men are afraid to admit it. Same idea may be applied in other male dominated societies as well, where the system doesn’t open its door to expose women’s potential. Where war and politics don’t bring anything good, turn your trust into mothers, sisters and daughters. They won’t leave the country down.

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Arabica...taste of Orient

They call me Sheherezad because I'm crazy in love with Middle East and I write about its beautiful people, culture and traditions, since so many years! But at the end I'm not a story character, I'm just a Romanian girl, a writer and blogger, who has the chance to live in the beautiful city of Cairo and to visit some other charming destinations from the region, as well. Welcome to my blog, welcome to the world of Middle Eastern tales!

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