Aleppo’s Old city, still an „Arab-Islamic” cultural treasure

The current look of Syria’s cities and what give them a rare architectural beauty, is the result of over one thousand years of Islamic influence over the country. Although for some it may sound difficult to describe how an „Islamic city” should look like, considering that Islam is a faith and not a style for defining how a settlement or location should be, in some areas we may find key features closely related, architecturally speaking, to the „Arab-Islamic” space. These key features include many types of mosques, starting from larger Friday worship places to smaller size ones, public fountains, Islamic schools known as „madrasah”, where from young ages students learn the principles of Qur’aan, the holy Islamic book, hospitals, public bathhouses, trade agencies known as „khan” in Syrian society, and monumental tombs built for religious and political personalities. Before the war, Aleppo’s old city was considered as being one of the best preserved „Arab-Islamic” cities from the world, and even if today parts of it are slowly being reconstructed, the „medina” was seriously damaged by many military confrontations during severe battles. It may be hard to believe for many of us, but even in such extremely dangerous and insecure times caused by the war, many Syrians refused to leave the city. A city of ruins and sadness, but a place where you can still see the historical beauty on the walls filled with bullets. Great efforts are being done by the locals to revive the past, for bringing Aleppo back to normality, some shops are working full time, some kids dare to play and smile as in any other parts of the world, but there is much more to be done for the Syrians who saw terror and lost their families just few years ago. There are people who need to fill their hearts with hope, again. Gradually, many of the refugees knock at Aleppo’s doors, coming from abroad, missing their land, and hopefully, with the power to bring back city’s beauty and glory.

beautiful architecture of Aleppo.
Muslims praying inside the city affected by War

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