The cultural rainbow of Afghan clothing

Here is the land of culture and ethnic diversity

Unjustly exposed inside the Western world’s media, as one of the most dangerous countries in the world to live in, where poverty and terrorism are the only reality to show, Afghanistan is a country with a remarkably beautiful culture and heritage, with a fascinating collection of traditional clothes from different regions that have their own style of garnments, colours and decorations. With Central Asian neighbours to the North, Iran and Middle East to the Western side, and to the East, with the Indian Subcontinent, there is no doubt that this country is so diverse in terms of traditions, languages, clothes and historical background regarding its ethnic minorities. You may be surprised to find out that Afghanistan is the home of more than 50 ethnic groups! During its history, for many centuries the Aghan people have influenced the clothing style of their neighbours and viceversa.

Afghan people, traditional colours and pride

It is believed that inside Afghanistan are around thirty million people, even if it is hard to calculate the exact number of country’s population. From traditional point of view, locals are divided into more than fifty ethnic groups, however the most important are the Baluch, Hazaras, Nuristani, Pashtuns, Tajiks, Turkmens and Uzbeks. You can know their origins from the clothes they are wearing, reason of cultural pride. Even if in the city of Kabul people tend to wear Western style of outfits, country’s general profile is a traditional one, and its minorities proudly wear their original clothes.

 Examples of basic items for men traditional outfits



2 gânduri despre „The cultural rainbow of Afghan clothing

  1. Thank you for the excellent informative piece! The Afghani dress codes both for males and females have returned once again not only as a style but more as pride and identity.

    The food and hospitality is something unchangeable. However, I have noticed that some of the restaurants and cafes have adopted foreign dishes in the Afghani menu – very innovative.

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