Benefits of Za’atar! For Levantine cuisine lovers

If you live inside Middle East or at least you are a fan of its cuisine, then Za’atar should be a familiar condiment to you. If is not something that you know about, here is what you should find out about this precious spice mixture. Za’atar is popular inside the Arab cuisine but you’ll find it the most in Levantine region, in countries like Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Syria, as a blend of hyssop, sumac, sesame and salt. There are several traditional dishes and local pies that use Za’atar to add great flavour, and most of use love them, while another way of eating Za’atar is beside Arabic pita bread, dipped in olive oil.

Medical benefits and beliefs

In Folk Medicine, Middle Eastern people were convinced that Za’atar can reduce and eliminate internal parasites. In Palestine there are many who think Za’atar can increase the intelligence, so kids are often encouraged to eat it for breakfast, before school time.                                        Photo- Lebanese Flatbread (Man’oushe Za’atar)091f974e99c9d8bd804663ce9e996b1e




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