The impressive women of Middle Eastern’s Art scene

8e1f99bd4b9be2c40be3f6e4d44c7d4eWhen it comes to the Middle Eastern area, women are many times seen by the Western media as victims who rarely have a word to say in a male dominated society regarding their profession, hobbies and dreams. Of course, just like in many other regions, there are sad stories to share, but there also many strong ladies who became successful through their work and here are some names that may show us the opposite when it comes to women’s role in Middle Eastern’s Art scene. We have a top five of the most influential women from the Middle East, known outside of the region for promoting the culture, music and visual arts of their native land.

Antonia Carver- she’s the Director of Art Dubai. UK- born Antonia Carver holds the reins of the Middle East’s largest and most established contemporary art fair. In the past she was an art writer and administrator, and today she’s working hard to bring the Middle Eastern contemporary art to the attention of the Western world.

Lina Lazaar Jameel- has become known as an authority on bringing Middle Eastern contemporary art to international fame. She was born in Tunisia 32 years ago, and raised in Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. She is considered a key player in the recently established in the famous cultural event from Saudi Arabia called Jeddah Art Week.

Mojgan Endjavi-Barbé- this charismatic ambassador of Iran’s contemporary art works a lot for building bridges between Iranian artists and the Western world. She’s the founder of Geneva-based ILLA, where she promotes the Iranian culture, from music, to videography and visual art. Another project of hers is called „the Persian Garden of Geneva”.

Mona Khazinder is the first Saudi woman to become the general director of the internationally renowned, Paris based, Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA). This amazing lady is a force to be reckoned with in the region’s visual arts sector.

Laure d’Hauteville is seen as one of the most important names in the Middle Eastern commercial art scene. The Lebanese personality founded Artsud in Beirut in 1998, the first fair focused on Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian contemporary and modern work. (The area is also known as ME.NA.SA)


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