The high price of popularity: between social media and family traditions.

Palestinian girl Isra’a Ghareb (photo) is just the last case of honor killing happened few weeks ago, inside the conservative society of her country69952505_2507591386001868_4437697593346097152_n. She’ve been killed for using the social media in a shameful way, according to her family’s point of view. Last year, because of her fame, daring outfits and opinions on the social media, Iraqi model Tarah Fares and other two well-known women from the same country, (Dr. Rafeef Al Yasiri and businesswoman Rasha Al Hassan) passed away in strange circumstances, reported as being murdered by conservative religious groups, according to local mass media. All these victims were interested in beauty market and were leading female social media figures in Iraq. In 2016 Pakistani model Qandeel Balooch, has been killed by her brother while sleeping, for some selfie pictures, considered highly offensive for her family’s reputation. And these are just few cases of honor killing, where women pay with their lives for not having protective laws on their native land. Should females from conservative societies stop using the social media to protect their lives or they must act brave and keep going by following the Western trends?

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Arabica...taste of Orient

They call me Sheherezad because I'm crazy in love with Middle East and I write about its beautiful people, culture and traditions, since so many years! But at the end I'm not a story character, I'm just a Romanian girl, a writer and blogger, who has the chance to live in the beautiful city of Cairo and to visit some other charming destinations from the region, as well. Welcome to my blog, welcome to the world of Middle Eastern tales!

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