Great fuss in Baghdad…

There was a lot of rumble all over the „medina”. In that happy atmosphere, tambourines and serbetes were seen, while many people were telling them,”Mabrouk”, congratulating the groom and his bride, honestly, straight from their hearts, even if some others were faking with evil smiles, pleasing „Shaytan” with their hidden jealousy. And then, the lovers start dancing for the sake of their parents: „for Ummi and Abouya!” The dancers shook their bracelets, an old musician was playing Oudh, tempting the youth to enjoy the Oriental rhythm, and finally, Baghdad’s domes welcomed „Farah”. It was, indeed, a great fuss in Baghdad this time… The princess of a prestigious nation, hidden for a long time behind the thick, beautiful curtains, decorated with protective talismans and symbols of honored Fatimah, (against the evil eye), became a wife today! And he, with amber shade colored eyes and untold thoughts, was waiting to take her to his own palace, a „Sarai”. Baghdad was celebrating. The women smiled, clapping, dancing and caring inside the snake of jealousy.



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