Pakistani cuisine si vraja culorilor din farfurie

O sapakistans-tempting-treats-food-pakistan incep prin a va spune ca am incercat pentru prima oara saptamana trecuta mancarea pakistaneza. Este delicioasa si se aseamana cumva cu cea indiana, as spune eu. Dar ce m-a captivat cel mai mult au fost culorile ametitoare si aromele picante din platouri, de parca mancarurile erau menite sa stea acolo pentru a fi admirate, nicidecum devorate. Cum sunt o novice in mancarurile asiatice care cer migala si indeletnicire in manuirea condimentelor, am sa pun doar cateva poze ca sa va faceti o idee despre ce inseamna sa fii pus in fata unui ospat pakistanez cu arome atat de indepartate fata de cele din bucataria noastra.











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16 gânduri despre „Pakistani cuisine si vraja culorilor din farfurie

    1. I wish I could Sushil, but frankly speaking it is the first time when I read about this festival celebrated in the Ancient Egypt. I’ve never imagined that it could be a connection between Hinduism and the Ancient Civilization of Egypt. It’s a really interesting article and for sure I’ll try to get more informations about this. 🙂

      1. Many of Hindu gods have similar name in ancient Egyptian civilization, like god of rain, air, water, fire, etc. Many Historians believe that people moved from Egypt, Iran and place near red sea to India. This is a very complex and controversial belief which hurts the sentiments of millions of Hindus. 🙂

      2. That’s really interesting to know. 🙂 And what is your point of view concerning this subject? Do you really think that an ancient nation located in the North of Africa followed other nations of Asia to live in India? Isn’t a long road for some people of ancient times? I’ve read that ancient egyptians were informed only about the existence of the nubians, lybians, and arabs. Later, in their trips, they discovered the geographical area where Lebanon of today is located.

      3. I am neither a historian nor an expert to say anything on this but linguistics have firm evidences to support that people migrated from these countries to India as many things our ancestors shared were similar. Many of Arabic words we use in our daily life and we never care that these words become part and parcel of our culture. 🙂

      4. Maybe the arabic words appeared later in the indian vocabulary, because the ancient egyptians were using their own language which is not related with the arabic one. Later, when they embraced Islam as a religion they embraced arabic as an official language as well. The same happened with the other countries of Middle East and North Africa. Maybe arabic words appeared in the indian vocabulary because of its neighbourhood muslim countries and people who studied Qura’an.

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