Din poemele lui Fazza (printul Dubaiului)

Nu stim ce l-a facut pe printul Dubaiului sa scrie recent un poem cu titlul ” Do you love me or the Dirhams? Ma ShowThumbnail.aspxiubesti pe mine sau Dirhamii?„, dar cu siguranta la popularitatea de care se bucura Sheikh-ul Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum, Fazza pe numele de poet, versurile sale vor fi citite de milioane de admiratoare. Daca poemul este sau nu inspirat din realitate este greu sa aflam, tot ce putem face e sa citim si noi versurile postate pe GulfNews24 ale celui considerat de unii cel mai chipes print arab din lume.

Do you love me or the Dirhams? by Fazza

Choose one so I won’t be lost
If there is no understanding in relationships,
Even under the moonlight they might get lost.
True lovers always encourage their feelings,
Even the youngest of them all will appreciate it, He will never sell it away.
Your love is planted inside my heart; It is all for your gardening.
In my eyes you’re not like anybody else.
If time was unfair with me and, If they want my tears to fall down for goodbyes,
They should know, even when you are away, they will never be like you,
They are so small in my eyes I can barely see them, because my eyes only see the bright stars.
I’m both the sea and death.
I drown them and keep them away till I reach the land
But when I see you with them, I forget about them
It is like you cut your beloved heart very deeply,
You matter the most to me,
And the longing keeps increasing in me,
You are the moon and the sun,
You are the mellow(?) flowers
Fighters will  fight for you,
Musician will play their instrumentals for you,
And religious men would unite their prayers for
“ God bless you from their eyes”,
Go and tell the other girls about the people who died for you,
You’re the heaven in earth for them and the star in their sky,
The media will publish all about your qualities, you are sweetness whereever you go,
And when you come, some people will get confused, don’t mind them
They cannot buy your friendship,
And if anything can be bought with Dirhams
I would buy the years ahead of me before they get lost.

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